Top 10 Best Funny Halloween Costumes 2015

Top 10 funny Halloween costumes 2015 are here! Check out the top 10 best ideas for funny Halloween costumes in 2015 including Katy Perry shark costume, Duffman costume, Family Guy costume and many more.

Halloween is just around the corner! Dressing up is not just for kids. Halloween is the time of year that kids and adults alike can indulge in their inner Superman or Princess. What isn’t there to like about dressing up in an outrageous outfit? Your only problem may be outdoing your costume from last year. Let’s admit it…you don’t want to be the person at the Halloween party in the exact same costume as last year. But, it can be hard sometimes to come up with original, funny Halloween costume ideas.

For 2015, you may want to put a new twist on an old idea such as a pirate or a witch, or you may want to try something no one has ever thought of like a fishing lure or a giant can of deodorant. Whatever it may be the most important thing to remember is to be creative and to have fun!

Top 10 Funny Halloween Costumes 2015

10. Adult Rodeo Clown Costume

Adult Rodeo Clown Costume

9. Ted 2 Apron Costume

Ted 2 Apron Costume

8. Super Dad Adult Mens Costume


7. Adult Chicken Fight Costume

Adult Chicken Fight Costume

6. Women’s Happyface Emoji Costume

Women's Happyface Emoji Costume

5. Super Mario Bros: Inflatable Mario Riding Yoshi Costume

Super Mario Bros: Inflatable Mario Riding Yoshi Costume

4. Hillbilly Morphsuit Costume For Adults

Hillbilly Morphsuit Costume For Adults

3. Adult Katy Perry Left Shark Costume

Adult Katy Perry Left Shark Costume

2. The Simpsons – Duffman Classic Muscle Adult Costume

The Simpsons - Duffman Classic Muscle Adult Costume

1. Adult E.T. Elliott Costume KitAdult E.T. Elliott Costume Kit